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Krav Maga

By October 4, 2022December 22nd, 2022Krav Maga
Martial Arts in Virginia Beach
Krav Maga is an effective self-defense martial art that was developed by the Israeli Military to be both simple to learn and effective in crisis. Adults and teens of any size or fitness level learn practical self-defense skills in a safe environment full of fun and friends. Our classes provide a quality work out along with training, creating a more full and satisfying experience in an encouraging environment.
Teens train together, building camaraderie while they learn self-defense skills. Our classes are not about proving who’s best, but about bringing out the best in each other.
Our adult classes range from young adults to grandparents—our training is adjustable to every fitness level. Everyone, whether they are 19 or 70, discover each brings particular beautiful qualities to help one another grow and improve. It’s quite a remarkable, cooperative family type environment.

Our classes are taught by a certified Black Belt Instructor who has studied and trained for years in many styles of martial arts. The classes follow a professionally designed curriculum that drills self-defense techniques to build muscle memory, providing fast response under stress. Fitness and endurance conditioning are scaled to everyone’s individual level. We don’t forget the fun! Everyone has such a great time, especially while classmates challenges and encourages them to reach for their personal best.