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Kids’ Martial Arts in Virginia Beach

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Build Confidence

Gain Self-Control

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Fun and Technically Excellent

It can be hard to find a faith-based martial arts school with high quality technical instruction that’s also a safe place to take classes and make friends while you increase focus, improve fitness, and have tons of fun. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice having fun and building community for good technical instruction.

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The Cycle of Success

You feel it the moment you walk in—there’s a difference at Savior Martial Arts. Our instructors love teaching kids and bringing out the best in each one of them. Our professional curriculum was created with today’s kids in mind. Everything we do stems from a faith-filled, Christian perspective.


Our students have so much fun they never suspect they are learning self-control and respect for others. They experience consistent our Cycle of Success: setting, then achieving goals. When kids see themselves advance and improve, it can set the tone for their whole lives. Each class leaves your kids wanting to come back for more fun classes training with their new friends.

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Kids’ Martial Arts

Savior Martial Arts in Virginia Beach. Two girls in white karate clothes kneeling with their fists stretched out in front of them. One girl has a red belt. The other girl has a yellow belt.
Martial Arts in Virginia Beach
Martial Arts in Virginia Beach
Martial Arts in Virginia Beach
Benefits of Kids' Martial Arts in Virginia Beach
Martial Arts for Boosting Focus and Confidence in School Martial Arts in Virginia Beach


Our experience with Savior Martial Arts has been life changing for my son. The staff truly mentor these kids and build them up, while teaching important character lessons in addition to first rate martial arts lessons!

Melissa Johnson

I can't say enough about how wonderful this place is. I checked out other karate places before Savior Martial Arts, one of which is very well known in this area, and was very disappointed (expensive, lured us in with a "free lesson" that lasted only a couple minutes, while they cornered me in a small room pressuring me to sign a 5 yr contract at an unreasonably high price per month, etc). The atmosphere at Savior Martial Arts is positive and really puts Christian values in all they do. The staff cares about the students and encourages their healthy growth and development, not only in karate but in life. They really do build the "whole person" and not just karate instruction. The price is very reasonable and you get way more than your money's worth. My son's confidence, self esteem and self control has improved dramatically since starting here. He loves coming here and often does not want to leave! I am constantly amazed and continue to be pleasantly surprised with how high quality Savior Martial Arts is. One of the best decisions I have ever made was bringing my child here.

Amy Cox

My son in the first two weeks at only four years old is showing leadership in preschool, is making choices, and is making better decisions. After a few classes, he even began leading his younger sister in workout sessions, jumping jacks, and push ups, and has so much more confidence. He went from being a toddler who was a bit unsure of himself to a very strong and confident little boy. The training at Savior is top-notch, caters to the student as an individual, and the instructors are quality and amazing. They are very in tune with how to teach and make each student achieve, and know just how hard to push, but also provide great positive enforcement. It is a professional, warm and friendly atmosphere, and all of the parents are very nice and inviting - we have made friends already after just a few classes. I highly recommend Savior to people and families of all ages!!

Lauren Holmes

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